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AS3745 – 2010
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Workplace Emergency Management can assist you with all the necessary steps make your workplace or facility compliant with AS 3745-2010. We will develop the Emergency Plan, Emergency Response Procedures and Evacuation Diagrams for your facility and then provide Training and Exercises in the Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures.

Planning for Emergencies in Facilities

We provide ongoing support and assistance with the requirements and obligations that apply to your facility under AS 3745-2010.

In broad terms, this Australian Standard lays out the recommended framework for emergency planning in the workplace to meet the Code of Practice on Managing the Work Environment and Facilities. This Code of Practice, as issued by Safe Work Australia, provides a practical guide to complying with the WHS Act and the Work Health and Safety Regulations in your workplace or facility. (Workplace Health and Safety Regulation 2011 – Regulation 43)

As part of maintaining the health and safety of all occupants in your facility, the Code places as much emphasis on Emergency Plans as it does The Work Environment, Welfare Facilities and Guidance for Specific Types of Works. In practice, this means that providing emergency plans and procedures is just as important in the workplace as the provision of the lunch room, toilet facilities, adequate lighting, outdoor shade and the quality & temperature of the air inside your facility.

Workplace Emergency Management bases all training on Australian Standard 3745-2010 and WHS Regulation 2011.

What is AS3745-2010?

Approved on behalf of the Council of Standards Australia, AS3745-2010 is the official guideline for emergency management in the workplace. It provides a framework for how workplaces can develop emergency plans and procedures that are tailored to their specific needs. The standard outlines the roles and responsibilities of emergency management personnel and provides guidance on key aspects such as emergency planning, training, and communication.

To guarantee that workplaces are appropriately prepared to respond to crises and to reduce the risk of harm or injury to employees and visitors, compliance with AS3745-2010 is required. Employers can make the workplace safer for everyone by adhering to the standards described in AS3745-2010. Workplace Emergency Management can assist you in complying with AS 3745-2010.

AS3745-2010 FAQs

1. What is AS3745-2010?2023-12-08T13:57:48+11:00

AS3745-2010 is a set of guidelines that specifies the minimum requirements for emergency management in the workplace. It provides a framework for developing emergency plans and procedures that are tailored to the specific needs of each workplace.

2. Why is AS3745-2010 important?2023-12-08T13:59:31+11:00

AS3745-2010 is important because it provides a standardised framework for emergency management in the workplace. By following the guidelines outlined in AS3745-2010, employers can ensure that they have adequate emergency plans and procedures in place to protect employees and visitors in the event of an emergency.

3. Who is responsible for implementing AS3745-2010?2023-12-08T14:03:23+11:00

Employers are responsible for implementing AS3745-2010 in their workplace. They are required to develop and implement emergency plans and procedures that comply with the guidelines outlined in the standard.

4. What are the key elements of AS3745-2010?2023-12-08T14:04:36+11:00

The key elements of AS3745-2010 include emergency planning, emergency response procedures, communication strategies, training and education, and regular review and testing of emergency plans and procedures.

5. Are there penalties for non-compliance with AS3745-2010?2023-12-08T14:05:33+11:00

There are no specific penalties for non-compliance with AS3745-2010. However, failure to comply with the standard could result in legal liability in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, failure to have adequate emergency plans and procedures in place could lead to injuries or fatalities in the event of an emergency, which could have serious consequences for employers.

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