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    Fire Extinguisher Training

    Workplace Emergency Management offers standalone fire extinguisher training to enable the confident and safe operation of fire extinguishers in a workplace fire. This includes the selection of the correct extinguisher for the type of fire, what the different types of fire are, correct and safe techniques for the use and operation of the different types of fire extinguishers and practical exercises in the use of extinguishers.

    Preparing those in your facility to use a fire extinguisher correctly ensures they are as successful as possible if a fire occurs. However, we provide that our training makes clear when it is no longer safe to operate a fire extinguisher so that the employee operating it can safely

    remove themselves from the situation before it worsens.

    The Safety of You and Your Team is our #1 Priority

    That’s why we aim to make everyone at your facility competent and confident in using emergency equipment and emergency situations in general.

    Workplace Emergency Management offers Fire Extinguisher training in Sydney and Melbourne.

    To speak with our team about fire extinguishing courses and compliant fire extinguisher training courses near you, get in touch today.

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    Workplace Emergency Management will undertake regular Fire Equipment Service and Testing – Sydney and Melbourne. Ask us about this service today!

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