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Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training

Providing your staff with our comprehensive Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance their preparedness and ability to respond effectively to critical incidents involving threats of violence or physical harm.

Equip Your Team for Effective Response

At Workplace Emergency Management, we understand the importance of preparing your staff to respond effectively to critical incidents, including Code Black situations involving threats of violence or physical harm.

Our comprehensive Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training program is designed to provide your team with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to handle these high-stress scenarios with professionalism and care.

What is a Code Black?

A Code Black is an emergency code used in AS3745-2010 to indicate armed or unarmed persons threatening injury to others or to themselves. This can include assaults, verbal aggression, threatening behaviour, armed hold-ups, or robberies. Activating a Code Black can trigger a specialised response team trained to prevent or minimise injury, contain the incident until law enforcement arrives, and provide support to those involved. A Code Black is particularly common in industries where people work with the public or external clients.

Higher risk industries include;

  • healthcare and social assistance – this includes nurses, doctors, paramedics, allied health workers, child protection workers, residential and home carers.
  • public administration and safety – such as police officers, protective service officers, security officers, prison guards and welfare support workers, paramedics
  • retail and hospitality, particularly for new and young workers, including workers at grocery outlets, pharmacies, petrol stations, restaurants, bars and takeaway food service, and
  • education and training – including teachers and teachers’ aides.

What Our Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training covers:

Our Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training covers a wide range of topics to ensure your team is fully prepared to respond appropriately in any Code Black situation.

Threat Assessment and Situational Awareness

Participants learn to recognise the signs of escalating behaviour and potential threats, enabling them to take proactive measures to mitigate risks and initiate appropriate response protocols.

Our training covers the specific protocols and procedures for activating a Code Black, coordinating with emergency response teams, initiating lockdowns or evacuations, and managing the incident scene effectively.

Prevention & Preparedness

The training provides your staff with the ability to recognise early warning signs and risk factors that could potentially escalate into a violent situation.

This includes;

  • Understanding different types of workplace violence (verbal abuse, physical assault, bullying, intimidation, etc.)
  • Identifying behavioural indicators of potential violence (aggression, agitation, threats, irrational behaviour).
  • Recognising environmental factors that may increase risk (working alone, handling cash/valuables, poor lighting, overcrowding).

De-escalation Techniques

A major focus is placed on developing effective verbal de-escalation skills to defuse potentially violent situations before they escalate:

  • Active listening and empathetic communication strategies.
  • Maintaining a calm, non-confrontational demeanour.
  • Using tactical language to establish rapport and reduce tensions.
  • Avoiding actions or phrases that may inadvertently provoke or antagonise.

Personal Safety Protocols

Comprehensive training is provided on personal safety protocols and best practices when faced with threats of violence:

  • Maintaining situational awareness and vigilance.
  • Escape routes and safe positioning/defensive stances.
  • When and how to remove oneself from an unsafe situation.
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment, alarms, or panic buttons.

Post-incident Response and Recovery

We address the critical aspects of post-incident response, including debriefing, reporting, and providing support to those affected by the Workplace Violence & Personal Threat situation.

Customised Training Solutions

We understand that every organisation has unique needs and potential threats. That’s why our Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training can be customised to address the specific challenges and scenarios relevant to your industry or workplace. Our experienced trainers work closely with you to tailor the content and delivery methods to ensure maximum effectiveness and relevance for your team.

Invest in the safety and preparedness of your staff by providing them with Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to navigate Workplace Violence & Personal Threat situations with confidence and professionalism. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how our Workplace Violence & Personal Threat Training can transform your workplace into a secure and thriving environment.


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