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An interactive, comprehensive Student Management System (SMS) for all workplace emergency training and management processes.

Soteria is our easy-to-use, efficient Student Management System (SMS)

Are you tired of juggling endless paperwork, struggling to keep track of staff training records, and feeling overwhelmed by administrative tasks?

Look no further than our Student Management System, Soteria! This powerful platform is designed to revolutionise the way you manage your workplace safety management, saving you time, reducing errors, and enhancing overall efficiency.

With Soteria, you’ll enjoy a seamless and centralised platform that consolidates all student-related data and processes into one user-friendly interface. From enrolment and attendance tracking, to course scheduling, our system handles it all with ease.

Streamline Your Workplace Emergency Management Processes

At Workplace Emergency Management, we understand the challenges businesses face in managing their workplace safety effectively. That’s why we offer our innovative client portal, Soteria designed to streamline your operations and empower you.

Unlock the power of efficient training management with Soteria. This cutting-edge platform empowers businesses to take control of their training operations, ensuring a seamless experience for both administrators and learners.

What To Expect:

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Scattered Data!

Embrace a streamlined approach to your training schedule, records and processes. Soteria saves time and boosts productivity!

Centralised Training Management

Soteria serves as a comprehensive hub for all your training needs. From a single intuitive interface, you can effortlessly manage courses, track learner progress, view where the staff are up to with their training and if they are compliant. 

You can view attendance and see certificates and access valuable resources and much more.

Customisable User Roles & Permissions

Tailor Soteria to your organisation’s unique requirements. Assign specific roles and permissions to users, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while granting appropriate access to those who need it. This level of control fosters a collaborative and organised training environment.

Reporting & Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve with our robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain valuable insights into learner performance, course effectiveness, and training trends. Make data-driven decisions that drive continuous improvement and maximise the return on your training investments.

Elevate Your Training Options

Elevate your training operations and unlock new levels of efficiency with Soteria.

Sign up today and experience the power of a centralised, user-friendly, and data-driven training management solution.

Why Soteria?

Simplicity Reigns Supreme with Soteria!

Upon logging in, you’ll be greeted by the intuitive dashboard – your command centre for seamless operations. This user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s activities, upcoming training courses, enrolments, and more. With a bird’s-eye view of your workplace safety management, you can effortlessly navigate through different sections, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Simplify the enrolment process with just a few clicks. Select from scheduled upcoming training sessions and enrol students ahead of time, eliminating the hassle of manual enrolments and saving valuable time.

Stay on top of your students’ training sessions with progress tracking. Monitor their enrolment status, training completion, and other relevant data, all from a centralised location. Identify and address any potential issues promptly, ensuring a smooth learning experience for your students.

Gain valuable insights into your organisation’s performance with comprehensive reporting capabilities. Generate reports on enrolments, previous training sessions, and other essential metrics, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve your operations.

Stay organised and plan ahead with the intuitive calendar view. Easily visualise your bookings in an easy-to-read format, ensuring you never miss an important training session or deadline.


Are you ready for peace of mind that your workforce is as safe and prepared as possible? 

Do you feel like you need to take Emergency Management off your plate, and hand it over to a team of professionals so you can spend more time focusing on other business?

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