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    This course is compliant with the requirements of AS3745-2010 and is aligned to the PUAFER units of competency.

    Please note this course is not nationally recognised, and you will not be issued with a qualification.

    If you need to receive training resulting in a qualification, please look at our Nationally recognised training courses:

    Workplace Emergency Training – Onsite training within 2 weeks

    We put together a training package that takes into account the size of your facility, the number of occupants, and the individual requirements of your workplace.

    A manufacturing and warehousing facility would have very different training requirements to a retail or office facility, for example.

    The types of training we provide include:

    Workplace Emergency Planning Committee Training

    • Emergency Plans and Procedures
    • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
    • Legal responsibilities to prepare for emergencies in the workplace
    • Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) roles and responsibilities
    • Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) roles and responsibilities
    • Record and documentation requirements
    • Continuous improvement

    Emergency Control Organisation Training

    • Priorities in an emergency
    • Types of emergencies
    • Communicating and dealing with Emergency Services
    • Human behaviour in emergencies and evacuation
    • Problems and teamwork during emergencies
    • Wardens/Area Wardens/Floor Wardens responsibilities
    • Chief Warden training and responsibilities
    • Assembly area
    • Identifying an emergency
    • Emergency Equipment

    Advanced ECO Training

    • First Attack Fire Fighting
    • Bomb threat and suspicious items response
    • Dealing with problems during an emergency
    • Security breach, armed intrusion, personal threat
    • Emergency equipment, fire alarm systems, emergency warden systems
    • Natural disasters and external emergencies
    • First Aid
    • Site-specific confined space and breathing apparatus

    emergency fire exit staircase

    Emergency Response Teams

    • Fire Fighting
    • Hazard Material Incident
    • Breathing apparatus

    Staff Training/Awareness

    • Emergency Preparedness
    • Understanding who/where to report
    • Emergency procedures
    • Reporting an emergency
    • Priorities in an emergency


    • Evacuation and Emergency Exercises
    • Scenario Based Training
    • Bomb threat
    • Medical
    • External threat
    • Confined space
    • Bushfire

    All of the training we provide is thoroughly researched, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers, and compliant with all current regulations and legislation.

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    Experience across all industries and facilities.

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