In a previous blog, we explained the importance of training new staff and what inductions they should have in terms of discussing emergency procedures. It is as critical to make sure newly hired and current staff are regularly trained essentially for workplace safety, but also for effective execution of the organisation’s emergency plan.

To comply with AS3745 – Preparing for emergencies in facilities, each workplace is required to have fully documented emergency procedures in place and skills retention activities at intervals not greater than 12 months should be undertaken. These skill retention activities are to enable them to act in accordance with the set procedures.

Employees must be suitably trained in all aspects of their job from the most menial to the riskiest activities in the workplace. Consistent training can reduce workplace incidents and accidents which in turn can lead to reduced costs but more importantly to a safer, happier space for your workforce.

Employees can become complacent with safety procedures which can lead to mistakes or errors. For this reason, it is important to continue to refresh the employee’s knowledge and skills. Regular emergency response training will improve staff confidence across the board, with the effect that should a fire break out, or any other sort of emergency occur, they know what to do, where to go and how to behave.

Regular training provides assurance and confidence that safety is being taken seriously, with knock-on effects in terms of productivity. In this sense, training can be regarded as an additional investment for everybody’s well-being. Ultimately, it will lead to a positive brand reputation, increasing visibility, sales, and profit. Keeping valid and up to date training records is also a key step to ensuring your facility remains compliant with Australian legislation and standards.

Workplace Emergency Management are specialists in providing extensive safety solutions and helping businesses of all sizes in various industries to create effective safety cultures. Our team of highly qualified consultants can assist with providing the information and solutions required to help your workplace achieve first-class emergency response training, ensuring that your employees are prepared for and can effectively manage any emergency that may come their way. We maintain training and document records and take the stress out of managing your requirements under AS3745 – Preparing for emergencies in facilities.

Workplace Emergency Management are well positioned with a highly experienced trainers with real life emergency experience. We don’t just follow the bouncing ball, we call on our experience to provide you with relevant and effective training.

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