The Chief Floor Warden, as the name suggests, oversees all the Wardens within a facility. They have the same responsibilities as a Floor Warden, as well as extra duties that they share with the Deputy Warden.

The Deputy Warden assumes the role of Chief Warden if the Chief Warden is unavailable for any reason.

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Responsibilities of all Wardens

Floor, Deputy and Chief Wardens all have a duty to ensure that the following is carried out to the highest standards so that everyone within the facility is kept safe:

  • Improve and implement emergency response and control procedures.
  • Prevent emergencies wherever possible by regularly assessing the current condition of the workplace and any of its potential hazards.
  • Make other staff aware of the hazards within the building, as well as the control measures and management procedures for said hazards.
  • Lead emergency and evacuation training, including fire drills.
  • Know the location of all exits and evacuation routes within the facility.
  • Assist all individuals in the building in the event of an emergency, especially those who have special needs.

Responsibilities of the Chief Warden

During an emergency, a Chief Warden must carry out the above, as well as additional duties that are vital to the safety of the building’s occupants and the effective management of an emergency.

These duties include:

  • Proceeding to the Master Emergency Control Point.
  • Notifying the appropriate branch of the Emergency Services, or ensure that they have already been notified.
  • Initiating communication with the Floor and Deputy Wardens and instructing them on the course of action they must take.
  • Instructing the Floor Wardens, in the event of needing to evacuate, to do so immediately, ensuring their floor is cleared of all persons.
  • Ensuring that all emergency procedures are being followed promptly and effectively.
  • Liaising with Emergency Services Personnel and remaining in control of the facility until relinquishing control to the Emergency Personnel.

Are you obligated to appoint a Chief Warden

Are you obligated to appoint a Chief Warden?

AS 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities outlines the need to establish an Emergency Control Organisation within your facility and appoint a Chief and Deputy Warden. It is also important to appoint Floor or Room Wardens depending on the size of your organisation.

Chief Warden Training with Workplace Emergency Management

Workplace Emergency Management offers a range of solutions to help your facility meet its obligations under AS 3745:2010, including training for Fire, Floor, Deputy and Chief Wardens.

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Whether you are a new facility that needs guidance in establishing an Emergency Control Organisation and training its appointed Wardens, or an established workplace whose Wardens need refresher training, you can count on Workplace Emergency Management.

The Chief Warden position is incredibly important and is crucial to ensuring the safety of everyone within a workplace.

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