Due to the very nature of the business and the responsibilities surrounding it, childcare is one of the most regulated industries in Australia. Children are one of the most vulnerable members of our community and every parent’s greatest concern is the safety of their own children.

For this reason, there are strict regulations that must be managed by childcare facility owners and operators. These requirements can be complex and managing them can be quite time consuming.

Which Regulations apply to Emergencies in Childcare Facilities

AS 3745-2010 – Planning for emergencies in facilities

All facilities must ensure they have implemented the requirements of this Australian Standard and the subsequent amendments published in 2014 and 2018. Australian Standard 3745-2010 outlines the need for facilities to include:

Education and Care Services National Regulations

The Education and Care Services Regulation stipulates that all childcare facilities must have in place:

  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
  • Risk assessments to identify potential emergencies that are relevant to the service
  • Emergency and evacuation procedures that are rehearsed and documented every 3 months
  • An emergency and evacuation floor plan and instructions displayed in a prominent position near each exit

Where can I find more information?

Workplace Emergency Management understands that the rules and guidelines for managing emergencies in Childcare facilities are vast and complex. In addition to the listed Standards and Regulations, in 2012 Children’s Services Central compiled a guide to Managing Emergency Situations in Education and Care Services. This document provides a comprehensive summary of the requirements for Childcare facilities. Whilst it is not a legally binding document, it draws on information, opinions and advice provided by a variety of individuals and organisations, including the Commonwealth and Children’s Services Central.

How can I ensure that our childcare facility is compliant?

Workplace Emergency Management works with over 700 childcare facilities across Australia with their Emergency Management Procedures. Our qualified consultants have extensive experience with childcare facilities and can quickly ensure that your facility is compliant with the relevant Standards and Regulations. Most importantly, we can give you peace of mind with respect to the safety of the children that you care for. Contact us and let us help manage the requirements of the governing bodies who may visit you to audit your compliance.


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