With the summer months fast approaching we have to start thinking about the weather and the safety of children and pets in our cars. Leaving children and pets in our cars unattended can be fatal, children can be particularly at risk as they lose fluids very quickly and become dehydrated and suffer from heatstroke hence this is a time critical situation. In fact 5,000 children are rescued every year in Victoria alone after being left unattended in a vehicle.

What is Chief Warden’s and Warden’s responsibility when faced with this situation?

Warden: Must respond immediately and report to the Chief Warden of child left unattended in vehicles and try to attempt to ascertain their physical condition by talking to the child and using hand gestures for any response. Wardens must be careful with their approach as not to distress the child further.

If the child is unusually slow to respond or remain asleep despite best effort of trying to wake the child up may indicate the onset of heatstroke.

Chief Warden: He or she must notify emergency services after being alerted of an unattended child in a vehicle. If possible locate the driver as soon as possible and if necessary for life safety of the child use a break glass kit.

This kit should contain:

  • Emergency hammer
  • Safety goggles
  • Heavy duty gloves
  • Duct tape
  • Instruction card
  1. Ensure to check all door handles and the boot to see if access can be gain through an unlocked door.
  2. Select furthest window from child
    • Don not break the windshield or back window as these are harder to break
  1. Using the Duct tape, cross tape across the window (diagonal X)
  2. Ensure you are wearing the safety glasses and heavy duty gloves
  3. Hit the window with small amount of force in four corners
  4. Carefully remove the glass
  5. Obtain urgent medical attention for the child


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