Training sessions are compliancebased and conducted using the requirements outlined in Australian Standard 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. For training, it is mandatory for facility members and nominated wardens to train, develop the skills and knowledge necessary to undertake the duties set out in the emergency response procedures. 

First Attack Fire Fighting or the practical use of fire equipment is required as a part of emergency-specific procedures training to prepare for any fire or hazards in your workplace where fire is assessed to be one of the risks in your facility.  

Knowing the types of fire and the appropriate extinguisher to be used should be mandatory knowledge for all employeesThis helps to protect yourself and your team from an incident that can escalate to bigger hazard by using the wrong type of extinguisher on a fire. 

Where first-attack firefighting is included in the emergency procedures, occupants must attend a skills retention activity in first-attack firefighting at intervals not greater than two years. 

Our team of highly qualified consultants can assist with providing the information and solutions required to help your workplace achieve first-class emergency response training, ensuring that your employees are prepared for and can effectively manage any emergency that may come their way. In order to take away the stress of managing your own compliance, we will also track your training records and compliance documentation and contact you when you are due for renewal.  

Workplace Emergency Management are well positioned with a highly experienced trainers with real life emergency experience. We don’t just follow the bouncing ball; we call on our experience to provide you with relevant and effective training. Talk to one of our friendly team at 1300-831-694 about organizing fire extinguisher training at your workplace today. 


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