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Emergency Plans

An Emergency Plan is a document that lays out all the arrangements, procedures, personnel, strategies and systems relating to emergencies in the workplace.

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Having an Emergency Plan is a requirement for all workplaces to comply with Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, and you can be fined if there are not any in place at your facility.

The Emergency Plan lists the members of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) and the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) as well as other necessary contact information. Records of Emergency Training and Emergency Response Training are also kept in the Emergency Plan, along with Review and Maintenance logs. Specific Emergency Response Procedures for situations that may eventuate in your workplace are also documented within the Emergency Plan.

Workplace Emergency Management develops Emergency Response Procedures that include plans for situations specific to your workplace such as Flood Evacuation Plans, Bushfire Evacuation Plans, Bomb Threat Procedures and Hazardous Material Spill Procedures. Individual facilities will have different requirements for procedures.

We thoroughly assess your facility so that we can develop and deliver high-quality Emergency Response Procedures that are specific to your requirements. We can develop Emergency Plans and Procedures for any facility in any industry, such as child care, health care and aged care facilities, as well as industrial, retail, multi-level and residential premises.

From AS 3745-2010

Workplace Emergency Management consults with key stakeholders, building management and the Persons Conducting a Business or Undertaking ( PCBU ) to form the EPC. The EPC is the body that is responsible for continuously preparing the facility for an emergency. The EPC develops, implements and maintains an Emergency Plan. We work with the EPC and the key stakeholders to develop the Emergency Plan that encompasses and documents all procedures, strategies, systems (and any other arrangements) that pertain to emergency response and emergency management.

The documentation within an Emergency Plan can include:

  • Evacuation diagrams
  • Identifying an emergency
  • How to respond in an emergency
  • Who to tell about an emergency
  • Who to listen to in an emergency – fire warden 
  • Where to go in an emergency
  • The location of emergency equipment

The EPC also ensures that relevant training and exercises in the plans and procedures are provided for the ECO and all other occupants of the facility. Workplace Emergency Management works with the EPC to ensure that all obligations and requirements under AS3745-2010 are met and that your business remains compliant.

Continual review of the Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures is necessary to ensure that personnel lists, equipment needed and regulatory requirements are up to date. Records of the type of training and the personnel who have received this training need to be kept so that readiness for an emergency is held at a sufficient level to protect life safety. Records also need to be kept of inspection, testing and maintenance of all on-site emergency equipment. These are all obligations that Workplace Emergency Management can assist with, so that compliance and competence is achieved.

Workplace Emergency Management stores all the records and documentation relating to your Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures, personnel registers and contact lists, training and emergency exercises and Emergency Equipment Maintenance Logs at three separate and secure locations, so that these records are safe and able to be accessed when needed.

This is just another part of your workplace emergency management compliance that we take care of, so that you can get back to business.


Workplace Emergency Management is based in Sydney, however, we service all of Australia so contact us today to improve your emergency management procedures and resources, and prepare your people to confidently handle any emergency situation.

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