Continual review of the Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures is necessary to ensure that personnel lists, equipment needed and regulatory requirements are up to date. Records of the type of training and the personnel who have received this training need to be kept so that readiness for an emergency is held at a sufficient level to protect life safety. Records also need to be kept of inspection, testing and maintenance of all onsite emergency equipment.

Workplace Emergency Management will assist with the establishment of your EPC and work with the EPC to establish an Emergency Plan and Emergency Response Procedures. We will assist the EPC with the establishment of an ECO and ensure that the ECO receives all necessary training, as well as assisting with maintaining ECO personnel registers and Emergency Contact lists. Workplace Emergency Management also makes certain that all Reports, Records and Documentation necessary to fulfil compliance obligations are completed and retained for the required time period.

We will develop Emergency Response Procedures specific to the needs of your workplace, facility and personnel. Procedures will be developed for each type of emergency that is likely to occur in your workplace. Possible emergencies vary in each workplace but may include Medical Emergencies, Bomb Threats, Personal Threat or Duress, Internal Emergencies (such as Electricity Outages & Gas Leaks), External Emergencies (such as Flood, Storm or Bushfire) and Fire & Smoke Emergencies.

Workplace Emergency Management stores all the records and documentation relating to your Emergency Plan & Emergency Response Procedures, Personnel Registers & Contact lists, Training & Emergency Exercises and Emergency Equipment Maintenance Logs at three separate and secure locations in the case of an incident or an audit by WorkCover or other authority.