The requirement for businesses to provide appropriate First Aid in the workplace stems primarily from the Work Health & Safety (WHS) Regulation 2011.  Whilst there are specific requirements under the WHS Regulation for the provision of First Aid, it is also recognised that there are variances in businesses that need to be considered in order to meet those requirements under the WHS Regulation. 

Regulation 42 of the WHS Regulation 2011, describes the duty to provide First Aid, where the person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure: 

  • Provision of First Aid equipment,  
  • Each worker at the workplace has access to the First Aid equipment,  
  • Access to facilities for administering First Aid, and  
  • An adequate number of workers are trained to administer First Aid. 

Did you know that your First Aid requirements vary across workplaces?

What is required in providing First Aid will vary from workplace to workplace, depending upon the nature of the work being done at the workplace, the types of hazards, the size and location of the workplace, as well as the number of people working at the workplace.  All these factors need to be considered when deciding what First Aid arrangements need to be put in place. 

It is also a good idea to consult with your workers on the provision of First Aid to ensure the best decisions are made around providing suitable First Aid arrangements. 

Things that you need to consider in providing First Aid include: 

  • The number, location and contents of First Aid kits and other equipment,  
  • Type of First Aid facilities that may be needed,  
  • First Aid procedures, and 
  • Number of trained First Aiders. 

A higher risk type of workplace, such as a manufacturing factory or mining site, will require a different arrangement for First Aid than a lower risk workplace, such as an office building.  Each will have unique risks and therefore requirements to address those specific risks.   

Your workplace may be sharing a multi tenancy building.  In these circumstances, it may be appropriate to share some First Aid resources. Your workplace should also consider whether it is enough to just have First Aid Kit, or whether you need a specialised type of First Aid Kit, an AED, eye wash equipment or maybe even a First Aid room. 

Training workers in First Aid can be workplace specific, from basic First Aid to higher level and risk specific First Aid training to meet your identified risks. It is important to meet your identified workplace risks and needs with the appropriate First Aid arrangements. 

Workplace Emergency Management offers Nationally Recognised First Aid Training through our partnership arrangement with Allens Training. Our team can help you with your First Aid training enquiries and help you understand the requirements for your business.  

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