Most workplaces will have the appropriate equipment in place to deal with workplace emergencies. This may range from First Aid kits and AED devices for medical emergencies to Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets to help manage fires in the workplace.

First Attack Firefighting training provides occupants with an understanding on how to deal with fires in the workplace. As the name suggests, it recognises the occupants as the person who will be first to recognise the danger and potentially deal with the situation.

AS3745-2010 requires that where First Attack Firefighting forms part of your emergency procedures, specific occupants shall be trained to enable them to competently execute their duties. Those nominated, must retain their skills by undertaking First Attack Firefighting training at least every two years.

Workplace Emergency Management have qualified consultants who are experts in providing First Attack Firefighting. Our training addresses:

  • The duties of the Emergency Control organisation and Emergency Response Team (where applicable).
  • Preparing for site-specific fires.
  • Reporting fires.
  • Evacuating from endangered areas.
  • Identifying, reporting and correcting unsafe conditions.
  • Responding to fire emergencies.
  • Identifying the classes of fire.
  • Selecting the correct first-attack equipment.
  • Safe operating procedures for first-attack equipment.
  • Determining if it is safe and appropriate to use first-attack equipment.
  • Procedures to be followed after first-attack equipment has been used.
  • Post evacuation activities.

Our consultants can include the practical demonstration and use of the equipment and your team will be given the opportunity to use an extinguisher. This training is not only enjoyable, but it gives your team the confidence to be able to use the equipment if they ever encounter a situation where it is required.

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