Marg’s Journey: From Nurse to Workplace Emergency Management Expert

With 38 years of nursing under her belt, Marg brings a unique perspective to Workplace Emergency Management, where she has been a vital part of the team for the past 15 months in Victoria.

Marg’s journey into emergency management wasn’t a linear one. It was a sideways step from her long and fulfilling career as a nurse. What drew her into this field was her passion for teaching and training. “The thing I really enjoyed was training new staff,” she reflects. “New ideas, new questions, and tackling, ‘but we’ve always done it like this’.”

With this drive for education and improvement, Marg made the bold decision to head back to school at the age of 50, earning her training and assessor qualification.

Transitioning into first aid seemed like a natural progression for Marg. It allowed her to utilise her extensive medical knowledge while providing life-saving information and practical skills to as many people as possible. “The types of emergencies that are most likely to happen in any work environment are medical emergencies or situations where the building is not safe to be in—fire, gas leaks, damage,” she explains. “This seemed like a natural way to share the skills that I already had and increase my knowledge beyond bandages and defibrillators.”

As a consultant trainer at Workplace Emergency Management, Marg’s days are anything but typical. From delivering warden training and supervising evacuation drills to consulting with workplaces on their emergency plans and creating evacuation diagrams, she navigates a diverse range of tasks with ease and expertise.

One of Marg’s favorite appointments is at early learning centres. She finds the excitement level among children to be contagious, and she’s always amazed at how well they respond in emergency situations. “I am always amazed at how well the kids respond and know exactly what to do,” she says.

In addition to her on-site work, Marg also facilitates online training sessions and chairs meetings for planning committees. These opportunities allow her to collaborate with colleagues, share insights, and continuously improve the services offered by Workplace Emergency Management.

Travel is another aspect of Marg’s work that adds excitement and variety to her week. After spending a considerable amount of time in lockdown, she views travel as a chance to make up for lost time. Exploring regional areas and gaining an appreciation for the nuances of emergency response in different settings has been a rewarding experience for her.

Outside of work, Marg finds joy in simple pleasures like strength training and baking. “There is nothing better than a simple, chocolate cake,” she muses. “You can make it look pretty, but it’s got to be yum, no style over substance.” And as for her fitness goals, Marg is determined to master the unassisted pull-up—a challenge she embraces with enthusiasm and determination.

When asked for a safety tip, Marg’s advice is simple yet profound: “If you think the emergency requires a 000 call, then make it. You don’t want to be in the position of ‘oh no, I should have called 10 minutes ago, because now I really need them’.” It’s a reminder of the importance of swift action and prioritising safety in times of crisis.

In Marg’s journey from nurse to workplace emergency management expert, her passion for education, dedication to safety, and zest for life shine through. As she continues to make a difference in workplaces across Victoria, her impact resonates far and wide, ensuring that communities are prepared to face any emergency that comes their way.

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