Responding to emergencies quickly and efficiently is an ongoing challenge in any work environment. Accidents, injuries, and hazards in the workplace are unfortunately, not rare.  As outlined in the Australian Standards 3745-2010Planning for emergencies in facilities, it is a requirement to  establish, validate, and implemenan emergency plan for the facility to provide for the safety of occupants of that facility and its visitors leading up to, and during an emergency.  The focus being, on prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. 

Organisations have revolutionised preparing, responding, and managing emergency situations.  Innovations through technology has made it more accessible for both organisations and Emergency Management professionals to assess risks, disseminate information, and coordinate responses. The role of technology in emergency management is to connect, inform and ultimately save the lives of those impacted by an emergency.  

Smart building devices digitalises a building or facility by integrating wireless communication and interactivity throughout the premises.  Examples include, but not limited to, employee and visitor swipe cards, CCTV monitoring cameras, sensors/alarms, and HVAC systems.  

During an emergency evacuation, communication can be challenging. Failure to communicate within the organisation is a result of lack of emergency planning. Having an efficient emergency plan in place ensures, staff, occupants, contractors, and visitors are informed and prepared should an emergency take place. The application of technology in devising control/communication systems, diagrams, signage, emergency doors/routes, and equipment accompanied by training must be considered.  

Organisations need to use the power of technology and the digital world, not just to connect people through social media platforms, but more importantly use it to keep our people safe by improving how our emergency plans are implemented. 

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