The Workplace Emergency Management Team are a very mobile unit with consultants regularly visiting workplaces to facilitate training sessions, site visits and evaluations. The health of our consultants and our clients is of the highest priority.

During the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic, Workplace Emergency Management have enacted new procedures and policies in line with Governmental and Health Department protocols to ensure our team remain healthy and COVID free. Our customers can rest assured that when you are ready to allow us back into your workplace, we have taken all appropriate measures to mitigate any risk to your team.

What are we doing to prevent the risk?


At the commencement of the isolation period, all employees were directed to stay at home for 14 days and to monitor their own health for any symptoms of Coronavirus. All employees were advised to notify the company immediately if they were suffering from any of the listed symptoms.

Return to Work:

On the most part, employees were permitted to work from home however, we introduced limited access to the workplace after the initial 2-week period. Strict social distancing limitations were applied to those who came into work.

Temperature Measuring Protocol:

A temperature measuring device was introduced as soon as we reopened our doors to staff and visitors. Any employee or visitor entering our premises is required to check and record their temperature at the entrance to our building. If anyone registers a temperature of 38 degrees or more, they are not permitted go beyond the foyer entry. After a 15-minute wait, a secondary check is to be taken and if that check is 38 degrees or more, they are not permitted to enter. They are advised to seek medical advice and remain away from the facility for 14 days or until they have been given clearance indicating they are Coronavirus free. All consultants are also required to measure their temperature before leaving to visit another site. A record of all temperature checks has been retained.

Hygiene and Handwashing:

A hygiene station has been set up at the entry to our Rouse Hill office. All employees and visitors are required to use the provided hand sanitiser before entering the building beyond the foyer and hand sanitiser bottles are located throughout the facility

Additional Measures:

All staff are adhering to the recommended 1.5 metre social distancing guidelines. Hard service wipes are available to use to wipe over desks, phones and computers throughout the day. Additional cleaning services have been introduced and antiseptic spray is used at the start and at the end of every workday. Staff are encouraged to wash their hands more frequently and when they have left the facility, are required to use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to the office upon return.

Motor Vehicles:

Work Vehicles are supplied with sanitiser wipes to use on the steering wheel and other surfaces that have been touched. Hand sanitiser is provided and must be used before and after each site visit. Social distancing measures are to be adhered to at all locations.

Site Visits:

When visiting other sites, all consultants are required to adhere to any specific site requirements regarding social distancing, PPE, temperature monitoring and recording, travel and health survey requests and hand washing/hand hygiene requirements.


Training sessions are conducted with strict adherence to social distancing and space requirements. Where necessary, a reduction in the number of attendees as applied. In all cases, video conferencing is recommended where practical.

State Border Restrictions:

Where required, Consultants have sought dispensations allowing them to travel across state borders and in all cases, they are aware of the different requirements for each State. Travel restrictions are being closely monitored and strictly adhered to.


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