Dorothea Mackellar described Australia as a land “Of droughts and flooding rains” but they aren’t the only natural disasters we put up with in Australia.

We have it all – cyclone, flood, bushfires, earthquakes, heat waves, landslides.

Natural disasters happen across our “sunburnt country”.

We can’t prevent them, but we can prepare ourselves for the onslaught.

Three fingers up, for all you ex Girl Guides and Scouts, Be Prepared a motto to take through life!

Here’s our 7 Tips to Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

  1. Have a Plan. Who is in charge? How will you evacuate your workplace, where is your Assembly Area, how will you account for your co-workers & visitors to site.
  2. Have an emergency kit ready. The NSW SES recommends you include the following – a portable radio with batteries, torch with spare batteries, First aid kit, candles and waterproof matches, important papers including emergency contact numbers, a copy of the Emergency Plan and waterproof bag for valuables. Also include drinking water and snacks if you have children or elderly in the building.
  3. Listen to Alerts. If you hear an alarm always assume it is real until you are told it is a drill. Use a radio to keep up to date with community alerts, read emergency text messages
  4. Stay out of Danger. Look after yourself first. If an area is too dangerous to enter, don’t, if you are injured you can’t help others.
  5. Follow Emergency Services Instructions. Always do exactly as you are told by emergency Services workers – Fire & Rescue, Rural Fire Brigade, Ambulance, Police, SES. They are trained to respond to emergencies, they know what you need to do.
  6. Situational Awareness. Be aware of your surroundings, where are you now, where are you being told to go, who is with you, how many people are you with, is someone missing?
  7. Communicate. Tell the Warden if someone is missing, if you are leaving the area, where you are going.
  8. Above all Stay Safe.


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