One of the responsibilities for your Emergency Planning Committee’s is to determine the amount of evacuation diagrams required and where they are located. This is usually done in collaboration with Emergency Management professionals. This will include marking up the necessary equipment across the whole facility and assessing exit routes prior to drafting the evacuation diagrams.

An evacuation diagram’s validity period should not exceed 5 years but may be less than 5 yearly,
depending on the requirements of a maintenance cycle, a major change to the facility or an
accreditation regime. An example would be a renovation or a change in location of equipment/s necessary to an evacuation, or an addition/extension of the facility. Changes will need to be brought to the facility’s Emergency Planning Committee for revision.

Our team at Workplace Emergency Management has over 15 years’ experience in training for emergencies, developing emergency plans and evacuation diagrams. The consultant will also liaise with the Emergency Planning Committee, research required emergency information for the Evacuation Diagrams and prepare a checklist/questions for the onsite visit.

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