Section 3 of Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, states that an Emergency Plan is mandatory for any facility. Your Emergency Planning Committee, usually in correlation with an Emergency Management Professional will gather to document and monitor systems, strategies, and procedures in relation to:

Emergency Mitigation: Precautions to take to lessen the possibility of having an emergency in the facility affecting the staff and premises.

Emergency Preparedness: Arrangements to ensure that resources and services are efficiently deployed and dispensable should an emergency occur. This includes organizing procedures, training, and facilitating evacuation exercises as needed.

Emergency Prevention: Actions taken to eliminate emergencies such as equipment servicing, system maintenance, regular and extensive training.

An Emergency Plan should mainly consider the complexity and size of a facility, security systems, procedures and protocols, the number and nature of both occupants and visitors (if applicable), and hours of occupancy.

Workplace Emergency Management has a long history of training and preparing facilities for emergencies. We have a skilled team of consultants with extensive experience across this industry and all our consultants are qualified develop and construct custom-fit emergency plans as well as training.

During your training session your consultant will cover the main priorities in a Workplace Emergency situation, how to respond, how to alert others, how to assess the scope of the Emergency, what action to take, who to report to as well as technical aspects of Emergencies.

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